Gay Dating App Feature

Although the u2nite app is based on the most secure technology, we developed an additional feature for your own security.

App features

Although the u2nite app is based on the most secure technology, we developed an additional feature for your own security.

Video Chat

u2nite has become known for it‘s secure app concept, and  security has been given the highest priority in developing the new video chat. The video chat is end-to-end encrypted, which means the video transmission are intended just for you and the other person – not available for anyone else – secure against hacking and stalking. The video chat allows the user live social engagement and to build lasting connections. This ensures your security and anonymity.

Distance blur filter

Your exact position is not shown on the map. Our Distance Blur filter shows your position with 70 m (230 feet) inaccuracy on your partners’ display. You will never be exactly located. This ensures your security and anonymity.

System-generated dating spot

Use the quick dating feature for meeting up with boys. Tap on the pink heart and you will send a request to your partner. When the request is confirmed the system automatically suggests you a public cafe, bar, etc. to meet. This location is in most cases halfway between your locations. The suggested spot and the path to the dating spot are automatically displayed on the map. This is for your safety.

Gay travel

Throughout the year you are visiting popular gay cities, gay-friendly resorts, foreign countries. At locations you don‘t know too well, use our system generated dating spot when meeting up the first time. Our system not only automatically suggests a safe public place to meet but also shows you how to get there. A safety function you can rely on when you are not familiar with your gay vacation area.

Our social networking app enables you to use all features for free without any limitation.

Unlimited picture upload

Enjoy the freedom to load up as many pictures as you like. Personal pictures of yourself, selfies, from your vacation, party or other interest – we have no limitation on the number of pictures you like to share with other gay friends. Use this feature to create your own u2nite app album giving other a broad visual impression of yourself.

Personal essay

As well as with the images we do not give you any limitation of how long the essay about yourself, your thoughts, your wants, etc. should be. Use this great possibility to give other users a clear and defined understanding of who you are and what you are looking for.

Distance navigation

Through the special Distance Navigation Bar, you can always see the distance to other users. Adding the flag of the nation you also are in visualize your distance.

 Live chat overlay

If you are using the quick dating feature while following the map to the suggested dating spot, you can simultaneously chat with your new gay friend.

Chat history

As long as you do not delete the chats, you will  keep the complete chat history on your phone.


Use the yellow start to mark your favorite gay friends. As our app is a real time app you will only see users that are online. No old or inactive profiles. This also means that your favorites will only be visible on your screen when they are online.

Map navigation

After you have opened a profile you can go from one profile to the other when scrolling horizontally. If you scroll vertically you will find the map and the detailed profile information of the user. Entering the map you‘ll find the (blurred) location of the user as well as other users in that area. You can also enter the map in the faces view mode, and look for users as navigating on the map.

Cluster – multiple heart icon

Navigating on the map you will find two different heart symbols. Single heart and multiple hearts. The multiple hearts show a cluster of users in that area. Tap on the icon and you will automatically zoom in and dissolve the users in that area.

Single heart icon

The single hear icon shows one user. Tap on the heart and you will get a „quick info“ window about the user: picture, name and age. If you tap on that window you will enter the profile of that specific user.

Ban users

The grey icon with the shape of one user and a red cross is for banning users that you do not want to see or have any more contact with. When you ban a user you will be invisible for him and you will not be available for him any longer.

Search worldwide – be a local before you go

The World Wide Locator Feature enables you to search in the map mode, chat and date with gays at any location World Wide. Remember this is a real time dating app which again means that you only see the users that are online right now. On short term before entering the flight to your destination or for long-term planning, you can locate and contact guys prior to your journey. The best way to keep in touch with our amazing gay community World Wide.

The u2nite App has great functions for gay travel! Do not miss this opportunity and download the app!