u2nite –
Your secure gay dating app.

We are particularly proud of the security concepts built into u2nite from the start.

u2nite – Your secure gay dating app.

We are particularly proud of the security concepts built into u2nite from the start.

No unsecure central database

As opposed to other social networks, we do not operate a central database containing members’ data. Such systems can easily be compromised, and quickly your private data can get into the wrong hands. (You all remember the “competitor” incident early 2012, don’t you?)#

Every data transfer between the u2nite app on a user’s device and a u2nite service endpoint is endtoend encrypted using TLS 1.2 and better. We built a public key infrastructure (PKI) to authenticate users and authorize access to u2niteservices. As opposed to traditional username-password schemes, this offers a few benefits. Our users do not have weak or forgotten passwords. Our users are just not involved with authentication issues, things just work out of the box. u2nite does not ask email addresses or personal contact data so the users are free to use our services without exposing them. There are no credentials on the servers. With private keys being stored exclusively in a protected area of device storage, where only the u2nite app has access to, there is no easy way for attackers to compromise user authentication data.

This gives us a leading edge when it comes to protecting our users and our services from attackers.

Our principle of decentralization

Our security model is based on the principle of decentralization. Your profile data, your chat conversations, everything is stored on your phone exclusively. No private content is recorded on our servers.

Anonymized image links

Well, there is one exception: images are served by high-speed content delivery networks and need to stay on the Internet. However, we anonymize image links to make them almost impossible to locate without the app, and we never associate profile data with them. 

Video Chat: end-to-end encrypted

u2nite’s video chat is based on the application Jitsi and was rated very highly in a test recently conducted by leading Berlin data protection officer. Their conclusion: Jitsi is probably the safest product on the market and fits perfectly into u2nite’s security concept. A consistent decision of the u2nite developers. The video chat is end-to-end encrypted, which means the video transmission are intended just for you and the other person – not available for anyone else – secure against hacking and stalking.

Full user control

Without a central user database and with additional security measures against identity theft, u2nite is redefining the meaning of privacy for social networks. The user himself is fully in control of how much personal data he wants to make available.

Position blur function

A further security highlight is the position blur function – a safety measure that offers users even more privacy protection by not exposing their exact locations – and the instant dating feature. On the display, the other users’ location will be shown offset by approx. 70 meters.

Most of our competitors advertise their ability to work with ‘precise location’ data. Needless to say, we do work with precise location data, too. But when it comes to the location of our users, we introduce a so-called blur factor. The blur factor algorithm puts a user’s location marker randomly within the bounds of the box before making it visible to other users of u2nite. The blur factor prevents our users to accidentally expose their location to attackers and malicious people. Again, our competitors put their users at risk of having uninvited people showing up. This is very critical particularly in countries where gay people are victims to persecution and torture.

Area control for more security

The app shows member locations with enough inaccuracy to let others know in which area you are, but nobody can access your exact location and join you uninvited while you are chewing on your breakfast croissant.

For these reasons, u2nite is easy and fun to use, u2nite is safe!

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Being gay in India – u2nite boy chat

Being gay in India – u2nite boy chat

Being gay in India is not illegal anymore. 157 years have been too many years since the British colonial government imposed a specific law to criminalize the LGBT community.