On November the 15th Australia, as the latest country, a majority of voters supported gay marriage. Ahead supporters talk about freedom and quality and stating the fact that many other countries world wide allows gay marriage. The opponents defended the traditional norms and values and at the same time warns the society push homosexuality and gender confusion on children.

What was general seen upon as unthinkable as become normal within few years. Germany as on on of the most liberal European countries the conservative government was for year strictly agains the same rights for gay marriage till, through public pressure, doing a u-turn last year. “I can’t go that far—that’s the year 2000,” said President Nixon in 1970 about a lawyer favoring same-sex marriage. Today 65% of Americans now approve same-sex marriage.

But still gay marriage has not taken off as we tend to think. Legalized in Britain 2014 the government expected more then 9.000 gay weddings in the following years. Less then 6.000 took place. Latest recherché shows that just 10% of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender are living in a married relationship. And today young people in general do not necessary favor a marriage. In some countries like Britain, the Netherlands and Sweden marriages between women outnumber marriages between men.

However the decades of gay-marriage-battles have surly reach a new level. Many countries world wide permit gay marriage and civil partnerships. No reason for ending the fight of for equality, freedom and dignity. The majority of the LGBT community world wide faces less prosperous reality.