Valentine is for a lot of gay men the most exciting days in the whole year. It’s a day to give  all your love and attention to your boyfriend. Or a great day for gay dating.

Why? No matter whether you are in a relationship, it is time to celebrate love. The u2nite boy-chat App is at your complete disposal in case you wanna look for a quick date or start something special.

Valentine´s day is plenty of cliches, and knowing that unfortunately, some people are still feeling the need to hide their sexual orientation, u2nite wants to celebrate this day.

Be who you want to be. Hereby, we want to present you three ideas and plans for today:

Classic: Are you a hopeless romantic? Buying flowers to your partner never disappoint.
Alternative: Have a night on the town. Tired of being on the sofa watching Netflix? Take the opportunity and go for a special crazy night with your partner.
Genius: Download u2nite, use the quick dating feature and meet someone special.