Carnival is here! From today until next Tuesday, many cities in the world are celebrating it. u2nite, as ussual, is are up to show and remember you some possibilities and nice plans, no matter where you are.

Do not miss the chance, dress up and try to do the best in the following days. These days are fun, the perfect environment to dress up your favourite costumes! Who knows, maybe is the opportunity to have a wonderful gay travel, use our boy chat app and meet a “crazy” guy.

Everything here is recommended by u2nite, your favourite gay dating app:

Sitges Carnival. Really close to Barcelona, Sitges has become a really special city for the gay community. One of the biggests Carnivals in Spain, if you join, you will never get disappointed.

Río de Janeiro Carnival. In a few words, the city of Samba and Carnival. The Carnival of Rio is, without doubt, the most spectacular event in the world that gives rise to all the members of society. Various gay carnival events are held throughout the city, famous for its extremely gay-friendly status.
The dances and gay circuit parties are the most exotic and attractive events of the festivities. Gay carnivals are of course marked by music, songs and dances, so be ready not to stop for a minute. Simply awesome!

Cologne Carnival. Crazy days are coming… So drink beer and have fun! What else do you need?
Known as the most popular and best Carnival in Germany, the LGBT community in Cologne is obviously celebrating a lot. From Thursday (known as Weiberfastnacht in German) on, the complete city is celebrating the Carnival and has a lot of visitors.
The big parade on the called Rose Monday (Rosenmontag in German) goes all across the city center. A typical gay meeting point to keep in mind is the parade is at Hohe Pforte. There are also gay bars, special disco-parties, whatever you want … so let´s join! Another idea is to use the u2nite app and its fantastic the quick dating function. Who will be behind that sexy costume?

International Carnival of Maspalomas. Drag Queen election and much more!
Expect days of music, party, drag queens and ultra-gay-friendly atmosphere, sexy bodies and entertaining costumes, all under a great solace at 25 degrees of temperature. Because in Maspalomas, life is a soft continuous spring that dyes colors during these dates.
Curious fact: The event in 2019 will help commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first time a man walked on the surface of the moon. Why? Because the Maspalomas Space Station played an important role in the Apollo moon landing missions.

Gay Mardi Gras Weekend in New Orleans. One of the most gay-friendly and liberal parties in the U.S.A. In this Carnival is where you’ll find the more extravagant costumes. If you want to be close to all of New Orleans famous attractions, including the top gay-nightlife options in the city, the French Quarter remains the hub of where to stay.

If you are joining one of these Carnivals, do not doubt, send us pictures, comment on our post and stay in touch with your easy and cool gay dating app.