Being gay in India is not illegal anymore. 157 years have been too many years since the British colonial government imposed a specific law to criminalize the LGBT community. 

Better late than never. The 6th of September 2018 will be established as a great day for the LGBT community in India. A huge step towards for a more human world. India, with more than 200 million inhabitants and as the most populated democracy on the planet,  has become another country which being gay is not illegal anymore. The supreme court finally decriminalized homosexuality. A law with more than 150 years, and according to which relationships between persons of the same sex were considered a crime paid with jail, was abolished. u2nite, as a gay dating app, celebrates it with the Indian members and supporters of the LGBT community.

Now u2nite feels more proud than ever to have such a presence in India. We are glad to see that our users can now live in freedom in India. From u2nite, we encourage other countries to abolish the laws they have criminalizing homosexuality. No matter which sexual orientation you have or where you are, we love boy chat and gay dating all over the world.