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The focus of security for users is our top priority

We are particularly proud of the security concepts that is built into the u2nite gay chat app. Security has been our main focus from the very start. We aim to provide the LGBTQ community with the most secure social chat and dating app in the world. Unlike other social networks, we do not operate a central database containing members data. That is a big deal, especially in light of so many data leaks, hacks, and cyber security issues on other major gay dating platforms.

The u2nite mission focuses on safety

Without a central user database and with additional security measures against identity theft, u2nite is redefining the meaning of privacy for social networks. Furthermore the user himself is fully in control of how much personal data he wants to make available.

Our priority is your anonymity

Our security model is based on the principle of decentralization. Your profile data, your chat conversations, everything is stored exclusively on your phone. No private content is recorded on our servers at any time except of images. Images are distributed by high speed content delivery networks. Insofar they needs to be stored on the Internet. However, we anonymize image links to make them almost impossible to locate without the app. And we never associate profile data with them.

All functions on this gay dating app are tailored to maximize security. One of the security highlights is the position Blur Function. The Blur Function is a security measure that offers users even more privacy. The most secure protection by not exposing their exact locations. On the display, the users’ location is only defined within a „cell“, a broad area without revealing the exact position.

End-to-End Encryption giving you highest security

E2EE. Conversations between users are encrypted using a double-ratchet algorithm. This is best known from Signal(™) messenger. Nobody but the parties involved in a chat can decrypt messages by today’s standards. All communication is encrypted with the highest standard of technology.

Unique Conversations keep you safe all the time

Each conversation is encrypted using its own set of crypto keys. Even when originated by the same user. Surveillance of single users will be incredibly hard for eavesdroppers, such as network operators, because they cannot see who is talking to whom.

Privacy and Global Identity

Most messengers require a real world association with their users through information such as email address or phone number. Our priority is your security so u2nite does not ask for any such informations. The user publish their chat address only for as long as they want to stay visible. After becoming invisible, their contact address becomes unavailable. Existing conversations stay active, of course.

Anonymous and individual contact addresses

People can choose to change their contact address at any time. This is simply done by a tap on a Refresh Identity button. Their existing chats remain active, new chats can only be initiated with the new contact address. It’s like moving to a new apartment without leaving a trace.

So do not hesitate, load down our u2nite gay dating app. As you start using it you will at the same time learn more about our built in security by checking all the features of the app such as the Quick-Date function.




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