Defend your privacy! LGBTQ+ dating and chat without revealing private data. No data collection, no GPS location tracking, no data selling. u2nite is safe dating and private communication.

At u2nite, our mission is simple: We’re dedicated to providing the LGBTQ+ community with a secure social and dating app. Built on top-notch security technology, it ensures your safety and the freedom to connect with your community, no matter where you are. We believe everyone should have access to safety, freedom, and love. Join us in making this vision a reality.

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We do not ask for your private data. We do not store your data.

Video chat

Brilliant video chat feature: Chat live and ensure your date is real and safe.

Quick date

In-app geo data provides secure public spots to meet worldwide.

Safe Chat

End to end encrypted

Unlimited pix upload

We have no limitations. Upload as many pictures as you like.

Cell Location

Rest assured, there's no GPS tracking involved

Worldwide search

Vacation planning made easy: use the Map Profile search to connect with friends worldwide.


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Done with data leaks and pricey apps? Try u2nite for safe, private dating.

At Wildtrolls, we’re revolutionizing LGBTQ+ dating with u2nite, the safest social platform in a world where being yourself can be a risk. Facing laws in over 70 countries that target LGBTQ+ individuals, u2nite stands out by using blockchain-related and decentralized technology to protect your privacy fiercely. Our innovative smart grid system ensures no GPS tracking, no data collection, and no commercial selling of your personal information. We don’t store data; we protect it. With features like encrypted video chats and the ‚Quick Date‘ for safer meet-ups, u2nite is more than an app—it’s a commitment to your security and freedom. Join our global community and experience a dating environment where safety and respect are guaranteed. u2nite – Premium Security, protecting what matters most.

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