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Welcome to Wildtrolls Ltd. & Co. KG and our LGBTQ+ chat and dating app – u2nite – that’s redefining online dating! As you navigate through this page, we invite you to embark on an incredible journey of growth and success with us. While we may not be a new startup, our inspiring path of bootstrapping over the last years has led us to create the most advanced and exhilarating product in the market.
The global dating app market generated $8 billion in revenue in 2022. Projected by 2030 is a revenue stream of $12.25 billion. Wildtrolls Ltd. & Co. KG now has the potential to become a main player in this growing market. With a staggering 252,000 users, the u2nite app has already proven its appeal and potential.

However, this is just the beginning of our mission. Our primary focus now is on scaling our business and meeting the untapped market demand for a safer and more secure dating app. The LGBTQ+ community faces unique challenges in the online dating world. Existing mainstream apps have suffered numerous data leaks and security breaches every year, endangering the privacy of their users. Knowing that in 72 countries worldwide, belonging to the LGBTQ+ community is illegal, making user security a pressing issue for individuals seeking meaningful connections.

This is where u2nite truly shines. We’ve developed the most secure dating app by leveraging cutting-edge blockchain-related technology, ensuring unparalleled protection of user data. Our commitment to safety and privacy sets us apart as a reliable and affordable alternative to the current market leaders.
But we understand that we can’t achieve our ambitious goals alone. To seize the business and the tremendous opportunity ahead, we are actively seeking strategic investment partners to accelerate u2nite’s growth and expand our user base worldwide. Our track record speaks for itself – significant progress in product development and an enthusiastic and engaged user community underpin our success.
The team behind the u2nite dating app is 100% dedicated to achieving our goals. We strongly believe that everyone should have access to safety, freedom, and love. That’s why our mission is to provide the LGBTQ+ community with state-of-the-art security technology, ensuring your safety and freedom to connect with your community, no matter where you are.
To express your interest, simply drop us a message, give us a quick call, or follow one of the links below. We’ll be delighted to share more information with you and offer deeper insights into our business model, market, and growth strategy.

As an investor, you’ll be part of a groundbreaking product that’s already making headlines in the market. You won’t just gain financial rewards; you’ll also be making a profound impact on the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals worldwide.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to invest in Wildtrolls Ltd. & Co. KG.